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Why a fight against cancer is unsuccessful,
despite the huge financial injections into science?

Because a separate organ or tissue affected with a disease is treated, not the person as a whole. While the main thing about a human is his/her personality, psyche, soul.

More then 2000 years ago Socrates wrote:
“There is no bodily disease apart from the soul.”

But we still we treat a parts, ignoring the whole.
In this way we can not defeat the disease!

Your psyche is capable of both creating a cancer and eliminating it!

Vladislav L. Matrenitsky, M.D., Ph.D.

General and Transpersonal Psychoterapist, General Practitioner, Psycho-Oncologist.

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Are you convinced that the cure for your cancer depends exclusively on surgery and chemo/radio therapy?

No! Modern psychoneuroimmunology, psychoneuroendocrinology, and epigenetics demonstrate the facts: your health depends on the content and state of your mind. You have tremendous abilities for self-healing, but they are blocked by anxiety, fear, and misunderstanding of disease. To cope with cancer, you need to: A. Understand how and why the disease originated specifically in you, B. Eliminate the true causes of the disease – oncodominant in the mind, C. Activate the immunity and other natural healing resources of the body. The following is what I want to offer you:

Awaken your hope

for getting well, nurture self-trust, and reignite your love of life.

Help you realize

that cancer has understandable and logical causes that can and must be neutralized.

Deactivate the oncodominant

– the psycho-neuro-physiological source of the disease. In most cases it is still active after medical treatment.

Prevent cancer relapse

by eliminating hidden underlying psychosocial factors.

Teach you psychologically,

emotionally, and practically, how to uncover your inner strengths and develop the stamina necessary to cope with the disease.

Transform the fear

of illness and death into the power of healing.

Bring you to post-traumatic growth

by turning the experience of illness into energy for personal and spiritual development.

Help figure out who you really are,

what your "Song of Life" is, and how to find your proper Path.

Recreate and strengthen the will to live,

which activates the immune system and other protective systems of the body.

What My Patients Say:

  • Dear Vladislav,
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your healing abilities, your gentle understanding / empathy and your profound healing connections. Your healing session with me in Wales/November 2012 has sparked a great turning point for me recently in the quality of my professional work/life experience and this has cleared away much of the fog and inertia i was getting bogged down in around work issues !
    Thank you very much for your assistance!

  • Dear Vladislav,
    Last time I often thought about the session you gave to me in December. First there is one aspect, that brought the realization to me: I am on the right way, although I do not know how it will look like in detail. All internal pictures that were coming during the session I can integrate in an ongoing process. That is fascinating and is giving peace to me.
    The other aspect is that our session I often feel a kind of echo in my body. It triggers impulses of movement, especially to stretch my neck an back, or impulse to sing or an impulse to lead a certain resonance into parts of the body, especially to heart and throat. Sometimes I thought it is like I am rebirthing again. And I follow these impulses.
    There were some situations happening surprisingly what needed to happen, although I did not do anything to it. So I am going on learning to trust and believe and forgive. But in spite of I am looking forward to the New Year. Inside I feel brightly hopeful.

  • Thank for healing you did for me! Only now I realized, how much my health was destroyed because of conflict with my mother. Now I can eat almost everything, while just couple of months ago I could eat only baby food!

  • I met Dr. Vladislav Matrenitsky in May 2013, when I participated in the seminar in Bucharest. After the seminar, I took the 90 minutes healing session. Dr. Vladislav managed very good the trip in time back, for finding the cause of my medical problem, and after this he started to eliminate the cause. During the all session I felt very confident. Since he leaved Romania the day after, we agreed to do 3 sessions on the internet (via Skype), one session per week.
    During this sessions from distance, I felt like we are face to face, and the healing process was complete. Now, after 3 month, I am healed, and I am very grateful to Dr. Vladislav Matrenitsky.

  • Dear Vladislav,
    Your work with us was powerful, thorough and delivered with such compassion. I want to tell you how much I have personally benefited from the teaching you gave us. As I mentioned to you, I had suffered a “silent” stroke nearly a year ago, which made my left hand almost completely paralyzed. This would have been alarming enough, but it was especially distressing for me as I am a passionate guitarist.
    After I returned home, I decided to practice my singing alone and was amazed to discover it gave me the ability to leave my body and examine myself. This was not just a visualization or my imagination; what I experienced was as real as anything else in the room. I was also able to see the energy my body is made of and I performed a spontaneous healing on my left hand. I saw it as made of golden light-energy and could manipulate this golden ‘goo’ with my other hand. The result was an immediate healing of my hand, restoring it to almost perfect health straightaway.
    My hand has stayed well ever since and I’m pleased to say my band is now able to perform publicly again!

  • I really feel much better, but I would like to have more sessions in person, other friends are interested also!

  • Hello Vladislav, As you probably felt, a lot of things changed since we met last summer. The healing was really a key for me and it opened a brand new door in my life. I have a new lover, I quit alcohol and have a healthy living and have progressively more energy to go ahead. For all this, THANK YOU !

  • Hello Vlad, I found your treatment interesting and profoundly affecting at the time; the work we did, though limited by practical necessity, has had a lasting effect; I enjoy the inner space it has afforded me. Most powerfully, I am now free of candidiasis and food allergies for the first time in 40 years. I am watching this, but so far I have the impression it has turned my life around.
    My energy is consistent and integrated in a way it has not been. In achieving this I also took various herbal preparations and vibrational essences, but I know it is also due to your work. I look forward to doing more sessions in due course.

  • I had healing session with Dr. Vladislav Matrenitsky in Autumn 2012. I asked to heal my old chronic health problem. It was one live session and several Skype sessions. What changed in my life after that? The whole attitude to events which caused my sickness is changed. I saw them from different perspective and thereafter they will not hurt me anymore. I also found the source of my energy, which was lost due to my fairs and self-pity connected with that sickness.
    Why I suggest to other people to ask for his healing session? You have a great chance to change the vision of your personal problem. I personally had very narrow view to my sickness and I stack in that. Now after the experience of his healing session I really suggest it to others too.

  • Vlad is amazing, a master that reaches into the core and all around!

  • Hi Vladislav! I must tell you I am deeply impressed and thankful having meeting you. Words are not strong enough to express my feeling. I'm in contact with somehow " the origin of mankind (and the depth in me myself)- through the voicing, and your private session still affects me...

  • I did find you’re healing effective. It was profound and a gateway into another world. I felt very energised straight after the session and friends noticed a marked difference in me through my voice over the telephone. Thank you for your work and for the privilege of receiving such a profound healing experience. I would recommend it to relatives and friends.

  • Dear Vladislav, Thank you very much for the healing-sessions after the workshop in Bad Wurzach, Germany, and the healing-sessions via skype afterwards. The healings are more than a half year past, and I´m still free from my blockades. You helped me so much, a very old scare was healed - physically and mental - the doctors can´t believe it. My life changed since this time and I find my way back home - deep inside me. I´m a scientist, and so, before the healing, I had vehement critics against some forms of spiritual healings, especially healings on long distance without physical body near. But I became disabused, Vladislav, you helped me on two ways: physically during the healing sessions in Bad Wurzach and spiritually on long distance - thank you!