Transpersonal Psychooncology

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At the heart of my therapy system are my own developments:

– REPBS diagnostic technique (radiesthesical psychobiometry of the subconscious). Together with my “roadmap” of illnesses, it allows to locate with high accuracy the areas of basic psychic traumas, intrapersonal conflicts, limiting beliefs, and maladaptive models of the patient’s behavior. It also helps find the best ways to eliminate these problems, identify and compile the most effective methods of therapy and rehabilitation for each particular patient, thus ensuring an integrative approach to restoring the harmony of health.

– Elimination of the oncodominant by trance-based immersion in the subconscious. The method is a synthesis of modern methods of transpersonal and short-term psychotherapy with ancient Buddhist and Shamanic techniques of working with the subconscious.

– The psychotherapeutic method “Healing of Life” aimed at overcoming the life problems and full disclosure of the patient’s potential. My opinion is that all the resources and knowledge for a harmonious and healthy life are available in one’s subconscious, but he/she does not know how to access it. In addition, these resources are hampered by the restrictive mindsets that have been adopted in childhood, as well as by experienced, albeit untreated, psychic traumas and conflicts.

When one eliminates these obstacles and learns to hear his/her Soul, it opens a new perception of the world and of oneself inside it. As a result, a harmonious balance arises between the inner and outer world, which extends to the body, improving health.

I also use other methods of classical and transpersonal psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, sensorimotor psychosynthesis by Vladimir Kucherenko, Simonton’s system, symbolic modeling by David Grove, and others.

I teach patients new methods of accessing their inner world, understanding body signals and information from their subconsciousness, techniques of everyday awareness, and coping with life’s problems.

To achieve the best result, it is necessary for patients to engage in independent home work. It allows them to study more deeply and apply, in real life conditions, the knowledge and methods that they study during the sessions. Self-observation, introspection, and keeping a diary of changes helps patients to keep track of the old disadaptive habits of thinking, emotional response and behavior, and change them to new, effective ones.

In my Center in Kiev, I also use the Ketamine-assisted transpersonal psychotherapy (KATP). Ketamine (a general surgical anesthetic) today is the only legal psychedelic medicine available to mental health providers for the treatment of emotional suffering, particularly resistant depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorder, etc. Pioneering research of Dr. Stanislav Grof who used psychedelics with cancer patients proved the high efficiency of this method in improving their mental state and reaching a unique experience that often allowed the patient to re-evaluate their entire life philosophy.

Administered as an intravenous microdose infusion during a 1-1,5 hrs and accompanied by psychotherapy, it creates  a  non-ordinary  (“altered”)  state  of  consciousness  and facilitates  profound  transpersonal  (“transcendental,”  “mystical,”  “spiritual,”  “religious”)  peak  experiences  that  may  be  beneficial  in  resolving  patient’s  existential  problems,  accelerating his or her psycho-spiritual growth and lead to a deep personal transformation.

As a result of this program, the oncodominant is eliminated, the body is freed from impediments, the stress resistance and emotional competence of a person are increased, the attitude towards oneself and others is changed, the vital values are revised, and the quality of life is improved. At the bodily level, the immune system and recovery processes are activated and vital energy increases, while inflammation and probability of recurrence of the disease decreases.