Transpersonal Psychooncology

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Lectures and Seminars

Since 2010, I have been giving lectures on psychosomatics, psycho-oncology, and transpersonal psychology throughout Ukraine and abroad.  Using my academic background and wide-ranging education and experience in various human sciences, I explain processes in the psyche and the body in simple terms accessible to the layman.

I have presented my work at numerous conferences and congresses in Ukraine, France, Russia, the USA, Romania, Latvia, Greece, Switzerland, Canada, Italy, and other places.

As a result of my ten-year exploration of the healing traditions of Siberian shamans, I developed the teaching program, “Sound-based stress reduction,” in workshop format.  Many research studies have showed that harmonious sounds can relieve stress and anxiety, induce relaxation and analgesia, and even destroy cancer cells.  Using the technique of overtone throat singing as the instrument of trance induction, it is possible to reach a deep meditative state that can activate our dormant healing potential.

With the help of special breathing exercises and the practice of focusing the attention on sound, we can learn to control stress and listen to the body, develop mindfulness, understand messages from the subconscious, and manage negative emotions. It is suppression of the latter, shows, that is often the basis of bodily disorders. Practicing overtone sounds calms the mind, broadens the awareness, helps in the attainment of a transpersonal experience, and leads to the restoration of harmony in affected organs.

The workshop format is two days of six hours each.

Please contact me if you are interested in organizing a lecture and a workshop in your country.