Transpersonal Psychooncology

Opening Hours : Mon-Fri, 10.00 - 18.00
  Contact : +38 098 688 2 888

Programs and Price

I offer services both in my office in Kiev and by Skype. Because I have a lot of experience with Skype sessions, you will notice no difference between them and the in-person ones.

To begin, I offer a diagnostic session. During it, I conduct an interview with the patient, and then use my REPBS technique to define areas of basic psychotraumas, intrapersonal conflicts, limiting beliefs and maladaptive models of the patient’s behavior that underlie his/her illness. Then, I suggest the best ways to eliminate these problems in order to restore health.

The duration of the session is ~ 60 min.

The cost is 60 euros.

Payment – after the session.           paypal_buttons

You risk nothing!

If you agree with the results of the diagnosis and the proposed treatment program, we proceed to therapy sessions.

My approach is built on the principle of the course, not the sessions alone. Why? The development of your illness has taken place for at least several years, and was based on a set of specific psychosomatic layers:

– predisposition to the disease, formed in childhood. It is necessary to eliminate the negative or even traumatic experiences of childhood (often forgotten), that created the ineffective psychological mindset affecting your life and health;

– factors that triggered the onset of the disease: psychotraumas and long-term unresolved psychological problems (internal conflicts) of adult age;

– factors supporting the malignant process: the psychophysiological oncodominant of the disease, chronic pathogenic stress, maladaptive ways of reacting to life’s difficulties.

Solving these problems is impossible in one or two sessions – consistent work with all layers is needed, in order to have a cumulative effect. It’s well known that drugs need to be taken as per their prescribed duration of intake (sometimes lasting a few months), yet despite this, some people expect an immediate effect from psychotherapy.

Sometimes it happens that after the first sessions, the patient feels an improvement in their well-being and then decides to discontinue the therapy, assuming that “things will improve from this point on”. Unfortunately, they will not. Over time, the “advance” received is depleted, and the patient get a false idea about the ineffectiveness of treatment. My experience shows, that to achieve a stable improvement in cancer, 7-12 sessions are necessary. When paying for a course, you can save and have the motivation to go through it completely.

There are three programs available. Each one include two sessions per week. The duration of each session is from 60 to 90 minutes, cost is 90 euro per session.

“Minimal”: a set of 5 individual sessions. Each session is aimed at working with the separate psychophysiological layer of your disease and activating the internal healing resources of your body.paypal_buttons

The cost of the program is 450 euros.
Payment: advanced or after each session.

“Basic”: a set of 8 individual sessions.paypal_buttons

The cost of the program is 680 euros.
Payment: advanced (5% discount) or after each session.

“Optimal”: a set of 12 individual sessions.paypal_buttons

The cost of the program is 970 euros.
Payment: advanced (10% discount) or after each session.

Or you can pay for a second “Minimal” program of 5 sessions (no discount).


To pay 90 euro for single session:


I guarantee: if you are not satisfied with the results after the 1st session, I will refund your money in full!  You risk nothing!

So, why not register for a diagnostic appointment right now?

If you do not use the PayPal payment system, I will provide you with my bank details.

For Skype sessions, you need headphones with  an attached microphone  for  effective communication. During  the session, it is better for the patient to be lying down or sit in half-lying position. I wouldn’t be able to hear you with full clarity, should you use your laptop’s built-in mic instead.