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Eliminating the oncodomonant (or cancer dominant) is the main task of my treatment program and know-how of my methods.

The psychophysiological dominant is a temporarily dominant reflex, which ensures the fulfillment of the basic, i.e. dominant, needs. All other needs became secondary, and their corresponding reflex activity becomes suppressed.

At the physiological level, the dominant corresponds to the center of excitation in the central nervous system, which includes various nerve centers. It attracts waves of excitation from various sources of the body and is the basis of acts of attention and objective thinking.

The outstanding Soviet scientist Alexey Ukhtomsky developed the doctrine of the dominant in the beginning of the 20th century. In modern times, the reality of the formation of a new dominant in the cerebral cortex, as well as an alternative psycho-physiological functional system on its basis, was experimentally demonstrated in the neurosis clinic in St. Petersburg while exploring psychogenic disorders.

One of the main dominants is the health dominant. In situations of severe and traumatic stress and psychotraumas it can be lost, and a person will appear in a transitional, non-dominant state, without any aim in their existence, at the mercy of everyday subdomains. In fact, it becomes a chronic, exhausting psychoemotional stress, with the corresponding mental and physical manifestations. This leads to a disruption of internal homeostasis, increases the vulnerability of the body and the risk of illness development.

If a person does not manage to effectively cope with psychotrauma (for example, the grief of loss) or an intrapersonal conflict, to find a new dominant of a purpose in life, to return to the state of the health dominant, then a powerful pathological dominant of self-destruction in the form of a psychosomatic disease can arise in the psyche.

In the most severe cases, the pathological functional state of the organism arises, which is characterized by the emergence of a dominant state, striving for death — the dominant of death.

Scientists from the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Oleg Bukhtoyarov and Askold Arkhangelskiy, discovered the emergence of such a dominant in cancer in 2008. They called it an oncological dominant. This dominant firmly holds the place of the purpose of life dominant, and forms deep deformations of the psychosomatic system.

Thus, the “mental neoplasm”, the oncological dominant, entails a somatic neoplasm – cancer.

The psychogenic oncodominant, according to Russian scientists, usually does not disappear during the traditional, somatically oriented treatment. When “familiar” psychotraumatic stimuli appear, which often happens when the patient returns to his/her old way of life, the oncodominant can be reactivated. This leads to a recurrence of tumor growth.

Consequently, successful treatment of oncological diseases is hardly possible without the psychotherapeutic elimination of the oncodominant.