Transpersonal Psychooncology

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To eliminate cancer, one needs more than surgery or pharmacotherapy. Since the root cause of cancer is the loss of the will to live caused by an oncodominant, I consider this situation as a spiritual crisis, as it threatens the presence of the human spirit in the body. Therefore, deep healing is required not only on the physical, but also on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

I do not treat cancer as a physical disease – I help the person reconstruct the mind, and heal the soul. The goal is to eliminate the psychological causes that produced oncogenic distress, the oncodominant, and weakened the body’s defense. Harmonised consciousness and a free soul restore the control over the anti-cancer forces of the body. As a result, the body starts to fight cancer effectively. My program does not reject conventional medical treatment, but instead makes it much more effective, and eliminates many side effects and complications.

I work with patients who have completed a course of medical treatment and who do not have side effects such as “chemobrain” that violate the functioning of consciousness. Also elidgeble patients who are under the active surveillance program at early cancer stage. The patient should have stable enough mental, physical and energetical state to be able effectively work about 1,5 hrs during session and practice at home.


The objectives of my therapy program are as follows: –  Terminate the factors that exacerbate the disease and block the treatment: depression, helplessness and hopelessness. –  Neutralize the main causes…

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At the heart of my therapy system are my own developments: – REPBS diagnostic technique (radiesthesical psychobiometry of the subconscious). Together with my “roadmap” of illnesses, it allows to locate…

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Precancer and Prevention

If your parents or relatives have cancer, you are probably worried that you can also get this disease. Actually, there is a base for your fears: according to the field…

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Program and Price

I offer services both in my office in Kiev and by Skype. Because I have a lot of experience with Skype sessions, you will notice no difference between them and…

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