Transpersonal Psychooncology

Opening Hours : Mon-Fri, 10.00 - 18.00
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The objectives of my therapy program are as follows:

–  Terminate the factors that exacerbate the disease and block the treatment: depression, helplessness and hopelessness.

–  Neutralize the main causes of cancer development:  oncodominant, existential and spiritual crisis, and loss of will to live.

–  Deactivate the basic predisposition to cancer: violations of attachment to parents and childhood traumas, as well as the resulting distortions in perception of oneself and the outside world.

–  Eliminate the chronic oncogenic distress arised due to unresolved conflicts and psychotraumas of one’s adult period.

–   Transform the post-traumatic illness stress that feeds the tumor process, into post-traumatic growth that mobilizes the suppressed healing resources of the body.

–  Cure the psychotraumas caused by a diagnosis, operation, disability.

–  Help examine your personality and its role in the origin of the disease.

–  Jointly develop with the patient a strategy for movement toward life, and the disposal of the consequences of illness.

–  Recreate and strengthen the will to live, which activates the immune system and other protective systems of the body.

–  Change one’s attitude towards the disease – from passivity and surrender to life-affirming activity.

–  Awaken and maximize the patient’s psychophysical potential for restoration and preservation of health.

–  Eliminate the psychosocial factors that lead to the relapse of the disease.

–  Help learn how to accept and respect yourself and the world.

–  Reduce fear of uncertainty over the future.